Customer services

Customer services
Online shop platform

Online order

  • Convenience of choice and quick order "here and now".
  • Repeat order and Order history on one screen.
  • Notification on product shipment.
  • Order in one click via Contract-Invoice registration.

Payment and documentation

  • Electronic document execution and exchange.
  • Balance view.
  • Cart credit.
  • Payment and delivery terms can be applied to all items in the cart or selectively to each product.


  • Evaluation of the convenience and promptness of the services provided after each order.
Financial Services
Bank Guarantee
The bank's obligation to pay the customer's debt if it fails to fulfil its obligations.
Deferred Payment
Payment for the goods after a certain number of days after the delivery date.
A financial instrument where a vendor receives financing from a bank and assigns the receivables of the buyer in return.
Letter of Credit
The bank's obligation to pay the seller against the provided documents confirming the delivery.
Extended Option
The possibility of rejecting the purchase volumes by a greater tolerance in comparison with the standard conditions of monthly obligations.
PolyLab Expertise

Conducts joint development of new products with industry Partners. One of the tasks is to increase the efficiency of use, as well as the development of new product solutions.

  • Joint development of new products with industry Partners means the optimization of Partners' costs, training and knowledge sharing, creation of a Center of Excellence in the industry.
  • The equipment of the Center allows to perform the key procedures of polymer (flexible and rigid packaging, pipes, fibers, compounds) processing and testing
Primary PolyLab functions
01Polymer product development and promotion
PolyLab is engaged in SIBUR's new polymer product grades testing and development
02Sustainability and recycling
PolyLab's infrastructure supports a wide range of projects aimed at recycling polymer waste into finished products
03Industrial partnership
PolyLab cooperates with the best Russian universities and international companies in the field of polymer development
04Industry competence centre
SIBUR's Business Practices platform offers training events involving partner companies in the field of polymer additives and developers of processing equipment
05Development of new formats and services for customers
Laboratory support, joint developmen
06Development and human resources
PolyLab has implemented the SIBUR trainee program to attract HiPo graduates
Technical Services
Digital technical service
Production efficiency improvement with advanced data analytics at the Customers' manufacturing lines.
Certification tests of samples and finished products
Independent testing in accredited SIBUR's laboratories for industry standard compliance certification
Laboratory support
Performing additional analytical, as well as stress and strain tests at the place of product production, expanding the product data sheet system.
Technical advice
Advice on product properties and parameters, recipe selection, assistance in choosing facilities and setting up manufacturing lines
Specialist training
Training for the Customers on the range of grades, product properties and application, as well as processing
Technical <span>Services</span>
Short shipment
Delivery at a premium rate in case the order is placed later than 3 business days prior to the shipment date
Direct shipment
Shipment of goods directly from the product manufacturer, bypassing the external supplier warehouses.
Secure storage warehouse
Shipment of products in larger amounts than currently required (for example, 1–2 months in advance) to the Customer's warehouse, but without amending the settlement procedure.
A possibility for the Customer to pick up the goods from SIBUR's warehouse and receive a discount as SIBUR saves on logistics.
Small-scale shipment
Shipment of small amounts of goods (less than 20 tons) to the Customer by small motor vehicles.
Marketing support
The use of online and offline promotion tools, provision of marketing information, reports and market analysis.
Export overdrive
Delivery of our products to the Customer on more favorable terms for the production of goods for subsequent export (except for the markets of the EAEU countries).
Investment overdrive
A special price for raw materials provided to the Customer under the obligation of investments in the capacity expansion.
Cross sales
Additional benefit for the Customers when buying multiple SIBUR products (additional services, reduced purchase costs, discounts)
Digital lead generation
Customer search service through automated search by industry and customs databases
SIBUR for Customers online magazine
An online news outlet created to form a single information field between SIBUR and petrochemical industry stakeholders.
SIBUR Business Practices educational platform
An online space created for sharing the best practices within the professional community.
Optimal solutions for partners
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