Floor coverings, wallpaper

Floor coverings, wallpaper
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Primary plasticizer
Roofing and waterproofing;
Cable insulation;
Floor coverings, wallpaper
Areas of use
PVC floor coverings, vinyl wallpaper, stretch ceilings, decorative PVC films Cable sheaths and insulation PVC membranes
Benefits, in relation to segments/processing methods
Reduced volatility, increased frost resistance, dielectric and thermal stability
Mass fraction of volatile substances (%), NMT
≤ 0.10
Pt/Co colority (Hazen), under
≤ 15
Mass fraction of basic substance (%), NLT
≥ 99.0
Mass fraction of impurities (%), NMT (including water)
≤ 0.05 water
Open flash point (°C), NLT
≥ 220
Density at 20°С (g/cm³), range
Acid index (mg KOH/g)
≤ 0.03
Refraction index at 20°C
Specific volumetric electrical resistance at 30 °C (Ω·cm)
≥ 4*1011
Principal characteristics
Phthalate-free plasticizer, harmless to health, approved for all applications
Fractions of alpha-olefins
Floor coverings, wallpaper
Areas of use
Used for the production of synthetic lubricating oils, in the production of plasticizers by the method of oxosynthesis, surfactant.
Mass fraction of impurities (%), NMT (including water)
0.005 water
Density at 20°С (g/cm³), range
Mass fraction of peroxide compounds in terms of active oxygen (%), NMT
Mass fraction of C10 and above hydrocarbons (%), NMT
Mass fraction of C12 and above hydrocarbons (%), NMT
not standardized
Mass fraction of C8 and higher hydrocarbons (%), NMT
not standardized
Mass fraction of linear alpha-olefins (%), NLT
Total mass fraction of vinylidene olefins and olefins with internal double bond (%), NMT
Mass fraction of carbonyl compounds in terms of CO-group (%), NMT
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